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Hey everyone,

There is a major problem going on here, and it’s unbelievable that ArenaNet didn’t see this when they released FotM, let alone fix it when they come to hear of it.

Though I probably do not have the best connection around, it’s certainly a good one. And I barely notice it, or care about it, when I get thrown out. Yet.. it happens.

ArenaNet, how can you nót give this attention, make us able to join Fractals, or get us straight inside again, when we disconnect and tend to log back in again.
There has never been something more gamebreaking than disconnections and then not being able to finish what we started.

Fractals is a dungeon, 5 players must attend or it will simply not be possible at higher levels… Now I don’t think I have to point out that 1 of the 5 players getting a disconnection in a 1h+ lasting dungeon will happen quite often.

I hope you’ll give this attention in the near future.

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We’ve posted about this in other places, but I will post it here.

We are aware of this bug and have a fix for it. The next patch should remedy this issue.