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I am posting on the behalf of my friend who got his account banned.

My friend got Ban for afking and the reason was that he was botting, He afk Harthi Hinterlands and he when to take a nap, when he comes back he was ban.

he submitted tickets already however no response yet

Friend Acc. Name : Zefferus.7891
Incident ticket [121128-000674] & [121128-000637]

Please look in to this, i am beginning to doubt how is the bots being filter out. Our friends were running chain events together and is in no way routine and linear like a bot. I believe the Logs will say the same

Please advise thank you

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First, the details provided make this situation seem highly unlikely. I think there is more to this than what has been said, including the fact that the timing of the termination, as stated above, does not always correlate directly to the time of the incident. Meaning someone could be botting from Noon until 6:00 PM and the account might be terminated the next morning.

Secondly, this ticked was filed today. The forums are not intended as a second means of filing a ticket. The forums are not intended for someone to file a ticket and then try to expedite a response with a forum post. You should give Support time to read the ticket, review it, and respond.