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Regional FlagGetting stuck/seeing map art issues?Source
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Please post them in this thread if you come across any sort of bug that fits in the following categories:

- Stuck in the terrain or a prop
- Textural/graphical issues with the environment or world props
- Terrain or world props disappearing/flickering
- Anything else that you feel might be an art bug

General Guidelines:
- Take a screenshot with your mouse hovering over the minimap while it’s zoomed all the way in so we can see the sector name. Make sure your screenshot has a clear view of the issue too!
- If you got stuck, please describe to us what you were doing before hand, along with a screenshot (this includes listing any skill you may have used upon being pushed inside the terrain).
- If you can, open up the screenshot in a picture editor (like MS Paint) and circle or point to the issue.
- If the world or large areas of land appear to “pop” in and out or “flicker,” please be sure that you are facing the appropriate direction in your screenshot and follow the screenshot directions.

Any other art issues:
-Be as descriptive as possible
-Take a screenshot

Please attach the screenshots to your forum post rather than hosting it elsewhere.
If you have a video of the issue, please upload those to YouTube (unlisted) and link that along with your other bug information here.

For more Bugging Best Practices, see this thread.

We appreciate everyone’s help with these issues. Thank you!