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My questions are rather simple but nevertheless require an answer and I’ve looked at many places in hope of an answer:

I just bought a Digital Deluxe Edition in the 3-Days Black Friday Sale and I did receive the activation code in my e-mail. Up to that point I’ve got no issue and everything went smooth.

The questions I want to ask are :

Does the activation code have a time limit that when it goes over that amount of time, the code becomes unusable? For example, I’ve got one week to register an account with that code otherwise I lose it?

I wonder because I bought it for a friend of mine and I did not plan to give it to him until Christmas as a present. It would be unfortunate that I would have to give him his present a month earlier…

Also, is there any way I can get the game box and the game installation CDs like the one we can get in retail stores through mail if requested along with my purchase?

Thanks in advance for the answers.

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  1. The code does not expire.
  2. We are not able to provide physical products. The Digital Deluxe Edition is only available in digital form.

Hope that helps and thanks for being such a nice friend!