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My account has been suspended – on a whim without any explanation or even a hint at which of my character name could offend anyone.

I am so bummed out considering that I have been working very hard to see an end to recent years increase of hateful slurs in the mmo’s I’ve played. I have never been suspended before; going back to ultima online.

I have always held Arenanet in high regards, not only based on this game but also as a struggling painter and aspiring concept artist. For making a stand against bots and last but not least, the love of this game — consider that I wrote a review for a Swedish gaming community that kept getting back to ‘respect for players’ and how GW2 didn’t condescend the fan-base and how we, the players, tried to return the favor and respect the rare jewel of intellectual property you’ve created.

Tssk. Yeah right. On a whim. Not a word – I am being punished by the people that gladly took close to 200 Euro out of my pocket over the last few weeks.
You have the audacity to punish a grown person and not even tell me what I did! I have spoken to no one but my brother for the last few hours!

6 weeks after creating a name I get banned for it…which ever it was. I have NO idea.
Does not make any sense. No one is willing to explain it and there is no answers to be had.
No one I know would be judo-kicking pandas around now with or without my constant nag about the greatness of Anet and GW2. That giant fell from grace when the air on-top of the horse named hubris ran out.

This is either a mistake, which is super fine. Not making a forum fuss or anything — or you have no respect for me as a customer, human and totally disregard to my character while giving me a punishment, like I was some lippy child, to the fact that I would never ever do anything to offend anyone in mmo community. But hey, that’s just me – a number code that gave you money. Past tense. Sweet. Being punished here…
Lost for words how degrading this is. And I just joined a guild with a few other +30 guys and we had made plans for the next few days.
I have a few days off from work.
Was looking forward to slowly working our way into the mist and see whats what without anyone rushing .
But yes, I need to be punished. Nanny will let you know though, as a heads up; let your little gold-chicks know what they did next time and consider that we’re human and get offended and sad, just like anyone else.

Sort his please -show some common sense- I should put Arenanet on 72 hour naughty-time out ;-)

Trust me – this is out of this world silly – but I am far from lost for words.
Like the fact that I could not even buy gems during the sale and that the overflow server crashed at the final act of Lost Shore and would not let me in until it was over and done. I asked support to look into the card issue – but I never got on upset at any time before this! I understand and appreciate the effort and time spent. The only time you’ll see me fired up is when me or anyone get kicked around by big-wigs that feel no obligation to even justify their actions.

I’ll be over there, waiting for the auto-generated reply bot to pat me on the head. Tsk. my account might as well be deleted by now. They don’t owe me an explanation. Its all in the fine print that no one read in any mmo since the dawn of the genre.

Screw this. I’ma go get a hug before boil over.

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Ok, so you figured it out. Good! (Saves me digging through the records, so I thank you for that because, quite honestly, it’s way after hours and I just dipped in here for a second and… yeah. )

Anyway, could you please contact Support? I really think you’ll find the team is more than accommodating, and while we do need the name out of the game (and sorry, we do) we’re not big on punishment and do our best to get players back into the game.

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You’ve file a ticked and this really isn’t intended to be a storytelling forum. If you find you still need help within the parameters of the “Tickets for Review” sticky thread, you’re welcome to use that, but otherwise, I’d like to round this one out. Thanks for understanding.