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The more I hear the less I care.

The people complaining and assaulting Arenanet about Ascended gear was bad enough to deal with here on the forums, now YouTube videos are popping up in my face with people voicing their opinions there.

As if I hadn’t heard enough about this, I decided to bite and give a listen to some guys speech about his stance against Ascended gear.

Know what I heard? I’ll sum it up like this. He spent countless hours grinding out gear in GW1, and only for fashion since the only difference was the looks, but he’s against grinding the ascended gear for a stat increase.

How does this make sense? It’s ok to grind out trivial things to him like the look of the armor, titles and emotes to unlock in games but not for a stat increase? Sounds incredibly selfish to me.

Many players want to see difference in performance through new gear, number crunchers I like to call them and to them looks alone are not as interesting to put the effort into.

Would they blast Arenanet for putting gear in the game that was obtainable through a grind but didn’t increase stats. Of course not! So why complain Arenanet is giving them what they want?

Ascended Gear is not going to hurt the game, it’s the players mindset and many of you have decided the shrivel of increase in stats in this new gear is the most terrible thing ever and assumed way beyond what the gear actually means in the game.

It’s not a gear treadmill, not even close. Not having Ascended gear will not hurt you in the games content. It will not segregate the population of haves and have nots. Even IF people discriminate against players only wearing Exotics, who gives a kitten? If you have a Guild that isn’t full of elitest pigs, then it’s no concern whatsoever. You’ll still get content done with people that are skipping out of Ascended and only going with Exotics.

If you don’t want to play for the Ascended gear, don’t. You will not lose out terribly. The game is still designed to be playable from an Exotic gear stance, so stick with that and go for Legendary if you want instead.

Every MMORPG has a grind of some form or another. Even Guild Wars 1. The levels themselves from 1-80 in GW2 are a form of grind as well. So is crafting. And PVP armor. And WvW armor. The grind has always existed. What makes it a fun grind or not is not for you to decide for others.

So let the number crunchers grind out Ascended gear. You have no right to complain and I have no sympathy for you and your hypocrisy.

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Hello everyone,

each user has the right to share his/ her opinion with the rest of the community as long as it’s written in a friendly and constructive way. Please refrain from telling other users that they should stop posting their opinions, or that their opinions are worth nothing. This way, the discussion won’t lead to anything but offended forum members reacting in negative ways, which leads to a bad overall mood in the community and more threads to argue about the topic.

For that reason, the thread was closed.

To post suggestions how to improve the game, please use this thread: https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/game/suggestions/Game-Improvement-Suggestions