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Regional FlagNo Penalty for Leave/AFK in tournament?Source
Loopy Larry.9486
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I was wondering if I could get any dev feedback about why there is NO penalty for people who sign up to tournaments and then go AFK or simply just don’t show up for the game. And they can do this going completely unpunished.

This has happened to me multiple times now and something really needs to be done about it. I literally just came out of a free tournament where the game was 2v4. One member just didn’t ever show up and the other 2 on the team were AFK. This is unfair on those trying to participate, taking out the fun and pretty much all your chances of winning.

Only thing I could think of was to report them and post this with a screen so these players can be named and shamed.

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Hello everyone.

Loopy Larry, if you already reported them through the in-game reporting tools then there is no need to post such an image and information in the forums as this does not really help. Quite the contrary.

However, I will proceed today to send your concerns to the team as they are shared with a great number of players.