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I just recently got my Armorsmithing to 400, and noticed something odd. The crafting recipes throughout heavy armor of lower tiers (such as mithril tier, for the barbaric armor) all contain insignias so that you can actually craft a piece of armor; can’t have a piece of armor without an insignia, after all, because it’s what determines the item’s stats.

However the issue I’ve encountered is that the apothecary’s insignia is the only Gossamer inisignia available. This is unusual because all the insignias for a given crafting tier have been available right from the get go to me, as long as I have the appropriate crafting level requirement; and at 400, there’s nothing higher to reach. I even tried to go into the discovery tab and enter all the necessary materials for crafting an intricate carrion gossamer insignia, but globs of ectoplasm and ancient bones (both of which I have, and both of which are necessary for creating said insignia) don’t even show up in the panel of what I can use to make discoveries.

Is this a bug? Is it required to get other crafting types just to get the exotic armor I want? What’s going on here?

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Perfect, then we proceed to close the thread.
Thanks, Lavra, for your quick answer!!