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… that it ruins a ton of otherwise completely fun and viable builds for other classes.

this isnt meant as a QQ. as an ele and ranger, ive made a number of builds that deal with thieves quite well (toughness, stun break, aoe, invuln, etc). the problem is, these balanced/defensive builds kitten your offense, but also isnt bunker enough to be a main tank on a point.

so the problem is, when i craft builds that use glass gear/stats, but active defensive traits and utilities. with these builds, i can use my reflexes/stun breaks/cc/gap creators to stay alive, even when outnumbered, vs pretty much any class (or 2). however, last night on my ele (glassy, but 18k hp, low toughness but on demand protection), i was at full life, with all my cds up (3 stun breakers). was jumped by a stealth thief, and the SECOND i noticed he was on me, it hit my invuln (which is bound to my mouse button so its fast). but i was dead before i could even click the button. this thief got me like that twice before i had to switch to soldiers gear to try n give myself enough time to react.

so thats my rant. if i had a half a second to pop a skill, i can reset the fight n have a chance. i can understand getting stomped like that if im depleted from fighting, or my kitten is on CD. but i should have enough time between realizing the thief is on me to press a button, and i dont. which completely ruins the build.

im sure a lil more toughness would help (or if i had time to pop my on demand protection). but with the gear limitations, its hard to grab a lil without going all in.

tl:dr? the burst/stealth combo hard counters way too many offensive or balanced builds for other classes, where theres not enough reaction time to even hit 1 skill. suggestion: make thief skills hit less hard but cost less initiative.

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Hello Typingofthedead.

We have a bigger thread in the Thief subforum where players are leaving us their feedback about different facets of the game play of this class. Threads tend to appear from time to time in different subforums and it is certainly better for us to have all your opinions and feedback in one place. In this way, the dev team can access faster to your input.

So, please, proceed to chech the following thread. This one will be now locked.

Thank you very much.