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Hi Mamric and Arenet

At first i want to tell Mamric that I could not agree more on this topic. I had a simular problem with my internet at the time.

I played during that event for 2 hours and a half fighting all sort of karkas, small and big. Then the huge boss event started and i really enjoyed that fight altho it was lagging from time to time. During the final stage of that event the game started rubberbanding like crazy and i could fight anymore in a decent way. Because of the lagg and frame skips I was worped of a cliff and landed in the water far away from all the action. I had to run around a enormous cliff, but my internet failed my and i could get back to where my brother was fighting that Boss Karka. So I was forced to log out. At first i didn’t think it would hurt much to log out, but when i heard what my brother got for rewards from that chest I was exited for him and angry at the same time.

Please Arenanet help those who have worked so hard in that event for hours but didn’t got any rewards because of internet issues. I would really appriciate something in return.


PS: can’t post in that topic so i post it here (it’s a reply on ‘Ancient Karka ate my loot?’ from Mamric )

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Please read this thread: https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/game/gw2/Lost-Shores-Participation-Reward