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Please can you update us? I do not understand what is currently going on. Ever since the 15th there has been nothing to inform us.

I am one of the top NA mesmers in P-TPvP. I did not cry when my phantasms got a LOS nerf(deserved), i did not say anything when they made it so if a character dodge/block’s ect.. it wont even summon; meaning we have to land one attack “twice” for damage (which is ludacris, and no other class has to deal with this), I did not cry about the berserker nerf since it was an accident.

But what is really ticking me off is that nothing is being said or disclosed to the players.

Every day i sit at mist trying to get a team together for Tournaments and even when i do, there is not enough teams to play one. I see people quitting pvp by the dozens every week. You have made a huge mistake by even putting such a high price on paids or even one at all(it seemed good on paper to do that, im sure) but people finally get 5 tickets, and get stomped on the first map in paids by a good team. The difference of skill from free tournaments to paids is huge so people just give up.

There are so many bugs in the game right now. Not hearing anncouncments, berserker nerfed by mistake, stealth seems broken now(people can still see you in stealth at times) and the list goes on. Classes are not imbalanced, D/D ele is too good with auras, engis seem useless.

This is not just me talking this is all the top players in NA PvP, from team pz, ptc, and many more amazing players…

All we would love to know is, is anything set in motion for PvP small or big for pvp? Should we just quit PvP? Is gw2 just a PvE game now since almost all the big updates are about PvE and holiday events?

I really love this game, and do wish to play it more but if gw2 keeps going down the road it’s headed im afraid pvp will cease to exist. I would not be mad about anything if they disclose to the public; that we know X is broken and X is being fixed while we are working on the next Y.

I believe that another post talked about how Transparency is paramount to success. WELL IT IS! please update us.

Please are we wasting our time in pvp?

Sincerely Xyrkain, Gw2 pvper.

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We’re here, we’re listening. I’m sure a lot of this will come up in tomorrow’s talk. We’ll have to keep it quick though, as I think the talk is slated for an hour.

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Hello everyone,

please stay on topic and refrain from concentrating on the Elementalist class in your discussion.