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it’s all pretty terrible, there’s a few exceptions. But on the whole, I can’t even sit through a full cutscene because of just how bad it is. Trahearne, terrible, Logan, terrible, Eir, not as bad as the other two, but not that great. Queen Jenna, terrible, pretty much all of the norn and human, terrible.

It’s not even the voice actors themselves, it’s the dialogue they were given, the script should have been thrown out, the only caveat to this is the Asura race. Pretty much all of their voice acting, is either funny or endearing or just generally good. If all of the races voice acting was as good as the Asura’s this would be a much, much better system.

Nothing against the gameplay, but c’mon.. you guys at Anet have to know how bad it is :P.

The story is a big part of the whole picture, if it’s badly put forth the whole package is damaged. Please think about reworking the script, and actually hire some skilled writers.

Not stating that the plot isn’t good enough to work. There’s nothing wrong with the plot, but the dialogue the npc’s use to act out the plot is shoddy at best.

P.S. If you wrote, or were on the team who wrote the script… sorry, no hate against you, but it’s really bad :P.

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Hello everybody,
this thread is full of rants and no real discussion. It will now be locked.
Thanks for understanding.