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1) Stealth stomps. Why are thiefs allowed to stealth stomp but necros have to leave DS or time it perfectly to do a shroud stomp?

2) Calling out a target on mesmers should be removed. Part of the whole thing is to let skill decide the fight (which also means to tell apart the illusions/clones), and not let the game do the thinking for you.

3) Team mates that let you lying in downed state next to a downed warrior just to chase that 30% hp thief thats going to get away anyway. Its like being trapped in a room with a dead guy thats going to turn into a zombie and all you can do is throw pebles at him and hope someone finds you. Otherwise the warrior just presses 3 followed by a hundred blades to my face and bye bye.

4) Why do kills award so much glory and rank points but capturing a point barley gives you anything? sure those 10 points for taking something is nice but in the meantime i could go with the zerg and get myself 3x that amount just by spamming aoes in the zerg. Winning should give better rewards while kills should award points if you defend or try to take a capture point. (regular kills should maybe give 2 glory points). More structure, less mindless rush.

5) Number 3 downed state for thiefs. So im about to ram a spear trough thatt thiefs head, but suddenly he becomes invisible and my character misses? They dont even move. Stomps should have an area of effect circle that kills one target that is downed and in that area. Heck, at the moment its quicker to just burst them down instead of bothering with a stomp thats not even going to land anyway.

6) Endless Loading screens. Pretty self-explaining.

7) Trebuchets/cannons/sharks. its pvp Player vs Player and not Shark Vs Player or Trebuchet that nearly oneshots you vs player. Leave those objects out of the game. Or if we have them only use them to destroy walls (a siege mode in this game would be nice)

8) Lack of game modes. A game that was released in 2012 and with a back ground in pvp such as GW should have more then 1 game mode with slight variations depending on the map. (Capture the point and kill the lord, capture the point and kill the beasts, capture the point and collect buffs. So much creativity going on there)

9) Auto balancing: Congratulations, your team played well enough to make the enemy rage quit. Now to ruin all that effort you put into it, all the time you spend defending capture points is going to be a waste and we will send you to the enemy team. /leave game.

10) No leave penality: People that quit mid-game not only screw your team over but also the enemy team. Its also has a snow ball effect were suddenly half the team just leaves. Add a leave penality like reduced glory gain for the next match or unable to join another game for 30mins. That way people at least wait for the game to finish. And add an AFK penality aswell. Someone standing on one point for 5mins should be kicked and given a leave penality aswell.
Seriously, a game is maybe 15mins long. Im sure people can wait that long….

11) The pvp lobby list: This shouldnt even be there. The option to have your own pvp room is nice but other then that it just annoying. I would rather wait 5min to join a pvp game and having them always at 16/16 instead of joining a game and suddenly it goes from 14/16 to 4/16 and i have to find another room because it just feels so dead with nothing going on.

12) PvP maps are way to small to the point that dying barley has a consequence. Someone dies and 20secs later they are back for more. Bigger maps please :x

Just raging, im sure there are a billion x gazzilion threads that explain how i feel a lot better. But those are a bunch of things that i noticed after playing pvp for a day and it already gets anoying.

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Hello Gluttony.

Thank you very much for your complete feedback, which will be passed on to the team.