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What’s this guy trying to do? Get in inner through some exploit? He kept coming to that spot and would fall then comeback…Not sure if he was just messing around but his teammates were siegeing our inner gate. Also, if I remember correctly, I saw someone posting in the JQ/SBI/SoS score topic about a MORD member exploiting another keep/tower.

In the other picture, there was a necro below me and he was able to AoE the siege I was using. I don’t know if this is an exploit or not, but I don’t think he should be able to target that spot, it’s pretty far away and not to mention the LoS and a bridge between us.

So again, not trying to start any drama, just hoping devs can see this and fix these, that is if they are an exploit/issue.

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Hi everybody.

We are encouraging the players that see possible episodes of hacking to send a report to the following email address, [email protected], where the issue will be looked into by the security team. Posting here in the forums does not really help us.

The thread will be now closed.