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Okay, I posted this in another forum .. then I found this help forum, so I’m reposting:

I have a question about armor stats and I’m going to try to explain it the best way I can. I’ve only been playing GW2 for a couple weeks (love it), so go easy on me if this is a noob question..
Sometimes I will see armor with the stats in green.
Sometimes I will see the stats in white.
And sometimes I will see the stat number in green with the attribute in white.
Could someone explain why this is?? Much appreciation.

Someone replied with:
“The UI automatically compares the stats of an item to the one you are currently wearing. White means the stats are equal, green means the stats are higher than the ones on you current item and red means they are lower.”

Okay, so I understand what they are saying, but I don’t think it answered my question.
I want to know why sometimes you will see stats AND attributes in green on armor/weapon then sometimes see green stats with a white attribute next to it. Does an attribute written in white with a green stat mean the attribute is new to you?

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We are glad to hear it, Medusa.
Thanks for all your contributions! Since the question has been solved, we proceed to close the thread. Thanks!