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I have two monitors. GW2 obviously can’t make much use of 2 monitors, however I came across a thread on Reddit;

well…although it’s not the same…there are programs out there that can mirror a screen region and enlarge them. people usually use it in dota or lol to help increase map awareness. there aren’t that many practical uses for it in gw2, except it’s great for when you’re alt-tabbed while in wvw but you want to keep an eye on the map/chat on an auxiliary screen


edit: the name of the program is OnTopReplica

. Here’s the thread on /r/dota2 about it

Would using such a tool lead to a banning?

For those who can’t / don’t want to visit the link, there’s a little utility that will copy an area of one monitor and display it in a bigger size on the second monitor. So it would take the minimap in the corner of screen one, and enlarge it on screen two (obviously it can’t change shape of the copied area).

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Hello everybody.

ZaxanRazor, you will not be banned for this.