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hello people,
what i find most disapointing of actul situeation is how hard is finding a group to try dungeons.
i see people looking for groups for lvl20 and i still wasn’t able to do lvl1.
did only 2 try, the first was with bad group so people left mid game, second dc at 3rd fractal.
As a casual player i’d love to see in place a system to assist players finding a group, like allready done for spvp.
you go there to the “dungeon browser” create an istance with 5 slot, one for you and 4 free.
You may even add chace to set profession for each slot or leave it open to all profession.
allso hot join feature would be awsome, if a slot in a midgame group get fre due to dc or a crash a player can hot-join the instance.

what you think?

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Hello Oloap.

You may want to check the following thread in order to find groups. Also, this issue has come repeatedly in the forums (check the Suggestions subforum, for instance, or this Dungeons one) so I will proceed to close yours and encourage you to use our search engine.

Thanks for your understanding.