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Last week my wife and I were transferring from one server to another. We did so at the same time. She made the transfer just fine. I, however, got thrown to a EU server.

I sent in an email to ArenaNet and got the standard “You’ll have to wait out the week” form email.

Fast forward one week. I cannot transfer out of the server that I am on.
One of two things happens:
1) The game client errors out without so much as an error code. I then wait 5-10 minutes and nothing.. much like a bounced check I get thrown back to whence I came.
2) The game client freezes somewhat (locks me out from anything but the standard alt+f4 and sits there. Upon any attempt to log back in I get an error on a gray screen that states the server transfer is underway. This seems to be a fallacy as upon my next successful log in I am, once again, back to whence I came.

I just want to play the game with my wife. This is why we purchased two copies. I do not want to be stuck another week without being able to play Guild Wars 2 with my wife.

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Hi there, KerrMD. Could you please update your support ticket? I believe that Technical Support would want to review this situation, as it is outside the norm and may reveal some sort of issue that we’d want to investigate.