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So I told the Pale Tree after trippy Orr that the fear I had most was letting an innocent die. This junctioned me to the chain with Tonn, in which I did Tower Down, Munition Acquisition, and Breaking the Bone Ship.

When I got to the Battle of Fort Trinity, I grouped with a friend (he led the party into the mission) who had done the making another suffer chain (Striking Off the Chains, Wet Work, Willing Captives).

When we finished the Battle of Fort Trinity, it asked me if I wanted to accept completion and move onto Liberating Apatia, my friend’s next mission, but not mine. I had assumed that it was a minor oversight bug because he was the party leader it would mention his next mission. I was wrong, and the Battle of Fort Trinity literally set my next mission to Liberating Apatia, instead of A Sad Duty.

Is there any way someone at Arena.Net can change this on the backend, or roll my warrior back to before I did the Battle of Fort Trinity?

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No, we don’t have any way to change/set your active story step. Sorry!