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I needed to remake a character yesterday because I wanted to rename her, it was just a level 33 asura necromancer. I had brought the makeover kit into the inventory to jot down what her visual settings were, and I was going to put it back in the bank before deleting the character.

Apparently I forgot to put it back in the bank before going to character select and remaking the character. Now I’ve lost my makeover kit. I’ve come down sick and I’m not all there right now, is there any way I can get my makeover kit back?

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Players are asked—twice—if they are sure they want to delete a character. In addition, they are given a specific warning message that points out that items on that character will be lost in the deletion. I do sympathize that you lost the item, but I really don’t think there is anything else we can do to make it any clearer. And quite honestly, while we want to help all players, it would be imprudent for us to use support resources to deal with these sorts of issues when there are others needing help for problems beyond their control.

Again, I sympathize and I’ve done the same myself, but I don’t see this as a design or support issue.