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I’m not sure if this is the right section for this but here goes.

So, i haven’t played GW2 in about a month… i go to log in this morning and found my password was changed… after searching for e-mails from guildwars2, i found a password reset request and follow up e-mails sent to you guys from about a week ago. These don’t appear in my inbox, the only show up if i search for emails using the search word guildwars2. Naturally, after seeing them i reset all my passwords and managed to get back online only to find my character in a fireheart rise, in a different world, 20 levels higher, with high level gear, a few extra gold, naked. Needless to say my character was obviously used for botting, but i was just wondering what happens now?
I’d be lying if i said i wanted a character reset but if my character was reported by other players for botting, i don’t want to get banned for something i didn’t do. If that means i have to forfeit the ‘botted’ loot than i’m happy to do so. Any kind of info on what i can expect to happen next would be greatly appreciated.

One last thing, after reading the e-mails sent to you from the idiot who hacked me, i have to say that i’m surprised you allowed a password reset as some of the information they supplied was clearly wrong.
I live in the UK, so when they supplied you guys with a Zip Code instead of a Post Code i thought alarm bells should have started ringing as you have all my correct details. I do appreciate the fact they didn’t manage to change the e-mail address as it made regaining access to my account all the easier but the fact they got a password reset does disappoint me.

Anyway for now, i’m just enjoying the fact i managed to get my account back and can play again haha.

Access has now been suspended to my account…

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Your email account appears to be compromised. That means that any correspondence from Support to you, and from you to us, may be accessed by the hacker. This gives them access to your account information and puts the account into disputed ownership status.

I suggest that you create a new, secure email account and contact Support again, so that they can help you resolve this issue.

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Can you please supply your 12-digit support incident/ticket number?