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Regional FlagUnable to sell and see stats on trading postSource
Kei Saionji.6429
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When I go into Black Lion Trading Company and click Sell You Stuff. All I get is a blank page. Also when ever I try to see the stats of an item by hovering my mouse over it in the buy section I do not get the window that pops up displaying those stats.

It has dont this before on several ocasions. However it usualy clears up when I simply close the Black Lion Window and reopen it. But this time the problem is persisting.

I tried logging to character creation and logging back in with no change.

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Sometimes, when problems arise with the Black Lion Trading Company window, the best option is to try logging out, clearing your cache, and restarting the client. The window does use a browser cache, so problems can sometimes arise.

And don’t hesitate to post your issues here on the forums so that we (and everyone else) can help you out!

So, Kei, is your problem resolved?