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We have a guild member on our server who is a very dear friend. Some a-wipe decided his name was offensive. The character name was Ser Pooner. We love this guildy to death and want him to keep his name. It is not offensive in any way. How can we petition this and get his name back. We almost lost our dear friend when he decided to quit the game all together because of this really messed up decision from anet… help us out here… How many people wish Ser Pooner can keep his name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I, Angel of Skylaw, Coleader of the guild Kingdom of Tyria (norther shiverspeaks server) do hereby wish for Ser Pooner to keep his name!!!!!!!!

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I have spent a lot of time personally addressing this issue with the player in question. I understand that the name “ kitten #8221; is a legitimate last name. However, it has become, in common usage, a name that we simply cannot allow in the game. (I invite you to check Urban Dictionary or other resources if you’re unsure why.)

So let’s be clear: (1) it’s wrong to bring it to the forums when it has been addressed in the forums and personally, and (2) the name will not be reinstated due to pressure, petition (disallowed by the rules you accept when you become a member here), or any level of righteous indignation.

Feel free to take this to whatever external medium you choose. The name will not be allowed in Guild Wars 2.