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i tried to recover my old password. the things i needed was my old account name, serial code and the new password i think(cant remember got bad memory).

i enter my old account name which is an email address i believe, then my serial code that is inside my cd case of the original guild wars 1, and then my password.

the thing is, it says an error occured and i have to contact support. i already bought guild wars 2 and made another account but i still want the bonus from my achievements in the last. the email addresses are different.

my questions are : is it ok if i deal with all the trouble to recover my old account later? can i still have bonuses in the new guild wars?

if you can provide any information about this i really appreciate it. thanks!

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Sure you can link your accounts later, but I’d want to know what’s going on and I guess personally I’d submit a ticket to get help now.