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They come to the back mountainside and camp to either wait for support or till we leave.
During that time they are completely invulnerable due to the proximity of their spawn point and the fact that the invulnerability buff apparently extends INTO the back mountainside of Greenvale.

This is giving Devona the edge in holding key positions and there is no shortage of players or guilds that are not using this tactic however unfair. That’s not even mentioning the fact that a range can sit back and try and kill you without worry.

If further proof is needed of specific guilds I have video.

I think this cheapens the game, and provides too much of an advantage for the very poor players who cannot utilize skill to capture a specific point and need to cheat to a victory.

Please fix this.

- H

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Hi Harmadda.

We are encouraging the players that see episodes of hacking/exploiting to send a report (with vids and/or screenshots) to the following email address, [email protected], where the issue will be looked into by the security team.

We proceed to close the thread.