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Fix your bugs arenanet!
I dont care if there are other threads on this subject, you have had MORE THAN ENOUGH time to fix how it is not possible to join your group again after a dc in the fractals. I am mothakittening pissed right now because I just spent over an hour doing a high difficulty fractial just to lose my connection for a moment and not being able to rejoin my group right before we finish.
And this thread is also not just about the fractals but I am just really frustraded by how you ignore major bugs for a long time that should be a top prioraty like for example Arah not being open for months on many servers.
I really hope you take a hour or two or however long it takes to fix these bugs that have been annoying the hell out of me and many others.

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Hello Lucifer.

The dev team is working on the bugs that the community is still facing when playing GW2. We know that they are disturbing, we know that they represent a problem for your gaming experience but rest assured that we are working on them. Therefore, we ask for your patience as we keep on dealing with each of these issues.

Opening threads like this do not really speed up the process. Whenever you find a bug that disturbs you, you are more than welcome to report it through the in-game tools or post it in the Game Bugs subforum.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.