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So I make a post on gw2lfg.com to get a party together for Ascalon Cats. I state in my post Kohler would not be skipped. Lo and behold when we get to him, player “Butchering” wants to skip him. An argument ensues and end result I end up getting kicked. What the hell… if you don’t want to fight kohler, dont join a party where it states that it will. Unbelievable.

There needs to be a party leader system to prevent stuff like this happening.

Sorry needed to vent a bit.

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Hello there OrinX.

Threads created for the sake of complaining about a specific player do more harm than good and therefore, we will proceed to close yours. Remember that you can always issue a ticket to Customer Support (better with screenshots, of course) to denounce disrespectful/harassing attitudes in this kind of situations.