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GW2’s Combat System is based on:

Every class must learn how to deal Damage while staying in Control and being able to Support themselves to stay self-effeciant.

“Damage” is important for every class to help contribute in. It’s the very thing that helps you kill the enemy.

“Control” has many Factors. Every class has their own ways of staying in “Control” while in combat. There are 2 Basic primary ways of staying in “Control”:
[Movement] and [Dodge]

[Movement] alone can evade tons of attks, while [Dodge] can help you evade bigger attks, or even help you adjust your positioning while in combat.
Positioning is Key.

“Support” has many Factors as well. Every class has their own ways of “Supporting” themselves and allies. It’s extremely important to Not only stay in “Control” but also “Support” yourself in Combat while dealing “Damage”.

An Example of this:
A warrior can use his Sword to Cripple an enemy so the enemy’s movement is slowed down for “Control” , while “Supporting” himself by using his Warhorn to gain Swiftness to increase his movement speed. The Warrior can then choose to use the Warhorn to “Support” himself again but this time by increasing his Endurance with his Vigor effect so he can Dodge more frequently to stay in “Control” easier. The warrior can continue using his Sword skills to deal “Damage” directly or indirectly with condition effects or even Swap Weapons to use another set of 5 skills he needs to
adapt to the Combat Situation that changes constantly.

Because “Control” and “Support” has many other factors, Here are some Examples of what they are:

Control = Movement, Dodge, Stun, Daze, Confuse, Chill, Cripple, Knowckdown, Knowckback, Push, Pull, Immobilization, Blindness, Freeze, Weakend, Vulnerability, Leap Backword, Launch Foe, Invisable, Shrink, Fly Backward, etc. etc.

Support = Healing, Swiftness, Regen, Protect, Fury, Might, Vigor, Retaliation, Condition Removal, Break Stun, Stability, Toughness Buff, Vitality Buff, Strength Buff, Power Buff, Block, Invulnerbality, Revive etc etc.

Damage = Damage

Because all Classes are effeciant and have their own ways of staying effective in Damage/Control/Support. You wont be looking for a specific Class you need to party with. Instead, You’ll be looking for good players who you can coordinate with as a Team.

In a 5 man Dungoen Party , you want to work as a team by
coordinating “Control” & “Support” while contributing in “Damage”.

Keep this in mind:
Damage/Control/Support are NOT ROLES.

Damage/Control/Support are the 3 Basic Combat Mechanics based on GW2’s Combat System. The Combat system relies on these 3 mechanics for all classes.
This is to ensure every player who decides to play what ever class they enjoy, to be able to play effeciantly and effectivly in a 5 man Dungoen Party or Solo.

Because there are No:
Tank Roles
Healer Roles
DPS Roles

The combat system drives for serious team play for these types of group Content.
In fact, it’s more challenging because of this, since you dont have anyone to babysit you anymore.


You dont have a Babysitter to Heal you so you can Feel Safe to fully focus on just DPS.
You dont have a babysitter to Tank for you so you can Feel Safe to just to focus on DPS.

You become a Liability if you only focus on Support.
You become a Liability if you only focus on Tanking.
You become a Liability if you only focus on pure DPSing.
[Moderated to to keep informative character without all the kittening]

You become an Asset if you play GW2’s combat system for what it is.
You become an Asset if you coordinate Control & Support while contributing Damage.


How to Play Your Class Effectivly:

Once You understand how the 3 Combat Mechanics work in GW2’s Combat System, the next step is to learn the class you selected to play. The best way to learn about how to play is by unlocking all your Weapon Skills and Utility Skills and learning what they do, by reading what the skills say, and trying to put it in action to experiment how they work.

All Weapon Skills and Utility Skills are 100% useful. It’s how you use them that deterimines their usefulness.

That being said, To Understand and play your Prophession to it’s full capabilities, you must Master all Weapon Skills and Utilitiy skills and work on building your own Stratgies and Traits to compliment each other so that you may adapt to different combat situations effectivly.

Please discuss what you enjoy the most about GW2’s Combat System.

Best of wishes to you all! =)

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I almost made it through, but stopped at “There are NO BABYSITTERS”. Sorry, tanks and healers are not babysitters. Tanks are tanks; healers are healers.

This is true, please refrain from using that phrase since it might be insulting for other players. It just causes arguments and a bad mood in the community.

Thanks for your understanding.