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There are a number of things I am recently becoming concerned about as it relates to both my current enjoyment of the game and hopes for playing in the future. Many of the zones that were once filled with events and people are now unpopulated and thus quite dull to be in. Events that were supposed to be fun and titanic (The one time lost shores event most recently) end up lasting less than 12 hours and getting abused by players who worked themselves into new instances in order to reap double or triple rewards while many of those who have jobs or families were cut off before being able to see the event fully even once. You add content like the fractals which offers rewards way beyond other dungeons and open world events, contributing to the abandonment of these area’s.

But the 2 things I am most concerned about are how casually you change loot or droprates with seemingly little to no regard for the impact on the market and players. The trading post is utterly chaotic with regards to prices, and it seems to be having a pretty negative impact on players who want progression on things like legendaries, which supposedly will become a bit easier to obtain as we are told, yet seeing the material prices skyrocket beyond control.

Most alarming to me however is the forums themselves. I cannot speak for other players, obviously, but I myself come to the forums to see get information on the game, to find news, and to keep current on the happenings in the game. But all I see is a sea of unhappy players, most with pretty valid concerns (Like where is the rewards told to those disconnected during lost shores that was used to soften the rage at how that was handled? Why does anet employee’s tell people fractal rejoining is being looked at 15 days ago, then saying its fixed, but still hasnt been patched when you obviously have no qualms about hotfixing dyes or other things that impact the gem market. Why are player concerns about droprates and loot going ignored with 400 post threads while moderators casually post on threads with 4 replies over trivial things?) There hasnt been any updates since mid November, if the announcements thread is to be believed.

Im having a hard time figuring out if im a blind fanboy by continuing to play and this game is getting so bad even you guys are afraid to comment, or if you are truly working to do something about these players concerns.
From someone who wants this game to be great, please, do something so I know which it is.

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The thread name was edited and the OP was infracted to let him know about that.
It didn’t have any consequences to the account.

Please stop discussing the moderation and speculating about reasons for infractions, it’s only of the concern of the user who got it. He could have asked the moderators/ CCs why he got infracted. The reason is described in the infraction, too!

Posts regarding the moderation will be removed from this thread.

Apparently you are not allowed to use Anet, ArenaNet, or variations thereof, as they see it as a “call out”.

This is true. Please read the code of conduct, maybe it will clearify things before you complain about the moderation and/ or insult the community team. Thank you. https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/rules