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I’ve seen bots twice today in Dredgehaut Cliffs that seem to only exist for a few seconds at a time before disappearing and reappearing somewhere else a second or two later. Each time, they were gathering from a resource node as soon as they appeared, and disappeared as soon as they finished gathering that node.

Since they disappear so quickly they’re nearly impossible to report. I know this isn’t the place to report bots, but it is the place to report the bug that they seem to be exploiting.

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Hello there.

just a quick message to let you know that this issue has been passed on to the team so they are aware of this and working on it. We understand that it is kind of hard to report in such circumstances but we would encourage you to keep trying, if you see some more. You can also make a screenshot and send it along with a report to Customer Support through the ticketing system.

Thanks for your reports and patience!!!