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Reading their code of conduct they did not execute there job correctly which is why im upset over the whole issue.
i chose my original GW name befor game release i remmeber them saying your character names are saved for you. i was ever grateful, a day or so after buying the game they asked me to change it original name was “captain sava hoe” i played with the letters the first few times. i got the point they didnt want the word “HOE” in my name so i changed it to “eoh avas niatac” yes thats backwards but does not illistrate the word “HOE”. please note when these changes were made max i would be on befor they made me change it was approx 1 hour. finnaly i chose my new name that i have had for nearly 2weeks if not more. Point is they said “sorry our naming filter isnt flawless” So fix it to where i cnat make those names. (duh) SO ive had my new title which nothing was said about. After i created my recent name they responded via email…. “thank you for changing your name to captain apathy” which made me mad considering i didnt change to that name it was a character that was already made. The made no notations to my newest name so i believed the issue was resolved.
After the 2nd name change via there code of conduct, they were to assign me a name which i would of been upset but still playing wouldnt have an issue with it.
keep in mind i changed this character name approximately 7 times. Now after i believed this was behind me i was begginning to enjoy the game.
I am now sitting on a 72 hour ban and have countless blackmarks on my account which all should have been avoided had they followed the guidelines and told me “sorry sir we just cant accept these”

I would still liek to know why my account was banned please and thankyou

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Hello there.

As Loli Ruri points out, this needs to be dealt with Customer Support. The time they need to answer tickets has speeded up but should you wait more than three days for an answer, please, proceed to write your reference number in the following thread.