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Hi all,

Let me introduce myself. Im Zymos Hex and i’m a player like all of you. On all class forums i will post this thread.

Ive been reading this and other class forums for months now and one of the biggest complaints i keep hearing is:
ArenaNet does not respond to our issues!

While i understand that on fora you cannot respond to everything but i’ve seen a couple of 100/150+ post threads that didnt get ANY response, which i find a little bit outrageous.

I am not a person who just sits and waits though, so i thought of the following initiative.

I will see it as a project to improve the communication line between A-net and its community. In fact, i will interview one of the Dev’s or Press spokesman within a month and will not rest till i have the questions anwsered.

The first step in this will be gathering concerns players have in a structured manner. Meaning there are some rules to creating a list of questions the community is MOST worried about.

Step 1)

Fill in the communication satisfaction survey (for now its short and to the point) at:

Step 2)

You post your top 3 class concerns as below example:

Concern 1) Ranger shortbow auto attack has gotten a stealth nerf. Is this working as intended, or still up for reviewal
Concern 2) Where are rangers on the priority list for a revamp of i.e. the spirit system
Concern 3) Ranger pet AI is not working correctly and the pets feel unresponsive, are you aware of this issue and will this be picked up?

Step 3)

Out of the first 100 posts per class thread, i will make a poll (if the site doesnt allow it, ill use an external site for it) of concerns and will allow voting per issue.
The top 5 concerns i will then adress during the interview.

Step 4)

I will post the interview for all to read.

Step 5)

Based on the success and input i will repeat every 2-3 months until community satisfaction on A-net communication regarding class concerns has reached an average score of 7 or higher.

if you have any thoughts or suggestions about the project itself, dont hesitate to PM me. As i am hoping we can keep the thread clear for actual class concerns.

I am also looking for people who find it fun and want to put effort in in assisting in this project and my first thoughts on the matter are to get 3 class concern council members per class that at later point assist me in this obviously time consuming work.

Also i realise this method is by no means fail/faul/foul proof but bare with me in setting it up

Kind regards,

Zymos Hex

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While we appreciate the intention, surveys and petitions are not allowed on the forums. Please know that even though the team is unable to respond to every question asked, they are read and considered. I know everyone would love to get a response to everything they desire, but if the team took the time to do that, they wouldn’t have time to work on the game.