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I recently made a purchase of fine transmutation stones from the Gem Store and never got my stones. I opened at ticket and have yet to see any kind of response. I’d like to know that I’m not throwing my money away. Either refund the money of give me the stones. It’s not too much to ask is it?

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Hello there.

Axel, sometimes the delivery of items can take up to some hours. First, try what Mazhar is suggesting as we have seen that it helps with a great deal of cases (do delete at least five messages from your in-box). If you have done so and have not received your items, then wait till the ticket answer arrives; if you go more than three days unanswered, please proceed to write your reference number in this thread.

Also, as this seems to be an account issue, we recommend you to open posts in the Account Issue subforum, should you encounter this kind of problems again.