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Hi Gaile,
I get something wrong again. Ticket Number: 121118-002383
And I believe it is not only an issue just about account, but also my credit card.
So i decided to post here, not in your topic.

One of my account( bought from official site) is permanently banned,
because of my payment rejected.
At the same time my credit card get the same problem, either.
Your payment team make me upset and disappointed.
For the account, I paid in the official site with legal and accurate information.

I have to wait for 14 days and just give my an silly answer.
It is my payment was in high risk area, so you rejected it WITHOUT ANY PROVING AND MESSAGE TO ME.

Without doubt, I am the card owner.
It is the truth, and never been changed . Of course, I can prove that.
Would you like to see my bill?

Besides, The card center told me that they had done the payment, but the company(you) did not accept it.

So why my payment is in high risk area ?
Why it is not accepted?
And why my payment is in numerous fraudulent transactions ?
Your payment team never answer me.
Why don’t you try to prove my payment through email before you block it?

I request unlocking my card and accept my further payment.
Of course. if I can get my character back with new serial number, it would be perfect.
Will my account be banned if I purchase it with the same credit card from the retail seller site?

I suggest you to prove it before you GUESS it was a fake card.
Because it would make your customers angry, upset and inconvenient.
Of course. I encourage you guy speed up your service.
As it is the worst customer service, I had never seen before.
Also, communication is important. Please don’t ignore your customers.
at least tell your customers how long they have to wait for.
If you have any questions, please ask your customers before your own PRE – JUDGEMENT.
Please tell them why they are suspended/banned/terminated.
(Especially, it is because of your system error. )

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YMS – I am going to have a team lead take a look at this. The fact is, there is a lot of fraud, and we need to protect the company from that. On the other hand, we definitely do not want to block legitimate players. Sometimes an error is made, and for that we apologize.

I’ll ask the agent to review this ticket: 121118-002383 and get back to you.

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I believe you will find that this issue has been addressed and you’re good to go.