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Hello ArenaNet devs,

I’ve kept good faith for a long time now…but with every patch, it seems that the class I choose to play (first Guardian…now Mesmer) just gets worse and worse – and it’s getting extremely frustrating to keep playing the game like this. There are SLEWS of bugs related to all our traits and weapons (for all the classes) that make certain builds/weapons completely unviable and silly to choose, yet we keep seeing nerfs left and right in an attempt to balance everything as it is – and it just makes things worse.

I’m well aware that many things need balancing still, especially given your intent to make sPvP an e-sport…but let’s not forget that any regressions as a result of tweaks will inevitably kill the user experience on top of whatever bugs that are out there already.

For example, the latest Lost Shores patch nerfed Mesmers HEAVILY by 1. introducing a major regression that slashed Phantasm DPS by over half, and 2. made illusion summoning fail and go on complete cooldown if Mesmer is blinded. When those two are combined with a *long *standing bug (we’re talking about since Beta) with Signet of Illusions (grants 50% more HP to illusions) being applied to illusions only after a few seconds upon summoning them, the Mesmer class essentially becomes unplayable competitively – especially against thieves.

To top that off, I’m a double sword and staff user (because I like the flexibility of having abilities for both close range melee and long range) – and sword 3’s (Illusionary Leap) summoning time is still bugged and will not be affected by the trait “Blade Training” (reduces sword skill CD by 20%) when combined with the trait “Illusionists Celerity” (reduces CD on illusion summoning skills by 20%).

This results in the Mesmer having 2 close-ranged illusion summons at well over 9 seconds CD each – easily killed and useless – leaving the Mesmer wide open for attacks. I’m also sure I don’t need to beat the dead horse that melee attackers take a lot more damage than ranged attackers – thus it makes more sense for close-ranged illusions able to be summoned faster than when the Mesmer is using a Staff or Greatsword.

The Mesmer has the potential to be a VERY advanced class that takes a great amount of skills to master, but with the slew of bugs surrounding the class, it’s essentially a paper dummy unless Greatsword or Staff is used.

I’ve started a warrior now, and playing with her for 20 levels quickly made me realize how horribly weak and fragile my Mesmer is – at both duels and mobs in PvE and PvP/W3.

Personally, what will keep this game fun for me (after having beaten Zhaitan many times) are the various social and competitive aspects this game will bring – and that’s Dungeons/PvP/W3.

That all said, I really hope more effort and attention will be given to bugs surrounding our skills/traits instead of one-off holiday events. In particular, there are stickied threads all around the class-specific sub-forums detailing all the bugs related to all classes. I think the community would really appreciate more feedback and attention regarding them.


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Hello everyone.

MysticHLE, thanks for your thread. Your feedback will be passed to the team today. However, I will also proceed to close it since this is rather a personal opinion/advice and not really a bug report (besides, your points have already been reported by other players before).

Thanks for your understanding.