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This “Grandmaster” trait for the Elementalist NEEDS to be revisited after the recent changes. Evasive Arcana creates a spell based on attunement on dodge. This trait as a Grandmaster trait is pathetic now. Don’t mean to sound rude it just is. The only thing worth dodging in, is water for the heal.

Let me start by saying I’m not using the most offensive of stats but this trait is producing unbelievably embarrassing results.

Lets start off. Using this GRANDMASTER trait, dodging in fire produced a whopping 98 damage!!! 98 damage!? Are you serious??

Warriors—- get a 5, let me say that again, A 5 Point minor trait that does WAY more damage than this elementalist Grandmaster trait (in our damage attunement none the less.) my Reckless dodge was critting for 1k damage, and I wasn’t a glass warrior either.

Water- is ok. (Edit: Yes I know it is amazing not ok)

Air- Dodging an air provides an Aoe blind which is IMO fine the way it is.

Earth- Supposedly creates “Churning earth” on dodge. Dodging in this attunements for me does an outstanding 200 damage… Are you serious? 200 damage!? Again let me reiterate this is a Grand-master trait. Churning earth is a blast finishing spell that causes 8 stacks of bleeds… This trait does neither on dodge just a laughable 200-300 damage, If you want to make the ability a lite version or watered down version of the spell, at least up the damage so it’s worth my time, and give us a heads up on the trait description.

This ability used to be fun, a tactical choice for the ele to potentially Waste our dodge to cause a Noticeable effect. Should I dodge this attack, or provide the Aoe healing for my party?? Now I am not saying give us back all the blast finishers (I do believe churning earth should be) but as of now the only ones using this ability is bunkers or heavy healer eles dodging in water. Instantly with one patch, ANET stripped this grandmaster trait from a fun tactical choice, to now only being worth anything in 1/4 (possibly 2/4 depending on how you feel about the blind) attunements. That’s 1/4 attunements for a grandmaster trait to be worth using.

Where is the logic that a Warrior 5 point Minor trait should be outperforming (minus the water dodge) and hitting harder than a Grandmaster Elementalist trait!?

I’m completely blown away.

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We’ll be adding a bit more functionality to this trait in the near future for the earth portion of the ability (this time, associated with the skill’s cooldown), to keep it in line with our general policy of not having a blast finisher in the same weapon set you have a combo field.
Additionally, we’re looking at traits across the board, for all professions, and will be doing some improvements in that aspect as well. We hope to be able to get some of these in for our next balance patch and open up more build possibilities!

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Oh, a ‘red’ post. So when’s the next balance patch again?

Probably with Wintersday.