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Hello friends.
The last week or so my internet has been playing up.
What happens is that when I load up guildwars, get in game, it will disconnect. This happens at random, however, it’s getting worse and happens more and more often almost as soon as I enter the game.
When this happens, I am unable to load webpages, unable to log back in, unable to use the internet basically.

I then use the ‘repair’ function to try and fix it, sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t.

It usually slowly comes back on 5 or 10 minutes after disconnection, but once I load guild wars up, it fires off again.

I’m not very tech-savvy, so any and all help is appreciated c:

Thank you.

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HI FXLEACH – I noticed that you’re using a wireless USB adapter which is an unsupported connection device and could be contributing to this issue. I’m curious if you still experience this problem when directly connected to your modem via Ethernet cable.

Is this something you would be able to test?