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I read the stickied topic about black screen issues. Anti-aliasing settings are as recommended in that post.

I go to launch the game and the screen goes black and blinks on and off with a blue window header across the top of the screen with the guild wars 2 name and logo on it. This locks up my computer most times requiring a hard re-boot. On a rare occassion the game actually loads up properly after a 6-10 second black screen.

This is a new occurance, so im assuming one of the recent game updates is causing it. Im wondering if anyone else is having this issue… any known solutions?

Thanks in advance.

System info:
Windows XP w/ SP3
Intel Core 2 CPU
GeForce GTX 470 w/ latest drivers

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Hi Brinthus – I would first start with a DirectX update. The game client requires the latest DirectX 9 components; this is true even if you have DirectX 10 or higher already installed. Please follow the instructions at Microsoft’s web site to install the newest DirectX 9 update:


Please be sure to save the file to your Windows desktop. Then create a new folder on the desktop and extract the DirectX files into it. Once they have been extracted open the new folder and use the DXsetup file to install DirectX.

If this doesn’t resolve the issue for you, try deleting the local.dat file and running a repair on the client.

Hope this helps!