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Regional FlagAnyone notice Tech ignoring lag threads?Source
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I see technical support helping every other thread BUT the ones complaining about lags and disconnects, which is little to no comfort to any of us.

The one time they did post on a semi-related thread, they simply blamed the users connection.

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Hi there Kino – For obvious reasons your thread caught my attention. As I have mentioned previously on some of the larger connectivity threads, these issues are best assisted one on one through a support ticket. It can be very difficult to diagnose and assist with connectivity issues as it often requires us to collect some a bit of diagnostic information that players may not want to post on the forums.

As I am neither a Developer or a Network Engineer I cannot pass along any information in regards to anything going on server side though when we do find there is an issue on our end, we find out pretty quick and you will essentially see the forums “blow up” in regards to this issue.