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These are all really small bugs/typos/consistency errors that don’t warrant their own topic, so I figured I’d dump them all into a single list.

I also have a list of dynamic events that can get stuck over here in the Dynamic Events subforum.

I only have minor bugs in the Harathi Hinterlands area for now since that’s where I’ve been exploring.

Harathi Hinterlands

In the renown heart “Train with the Company”, if you try to use the warhorn (Hawkes’ birds) on the rat nests by interacting with them directly, the skill activates but doesn’t work, although the nest will disappear (no rats come out). You need to stand next to the nest and use the skill instead for it to work.

In the bandit camp at Wynchona Woods, the bandit engineer that mans the turret is labeled as “Harathi Engineer” in spite of being a human bandit.

In the Dynamic Event “Break the captives out of the centaur slave cage”, the enemy is marked in the event tooltip as a veteran, but is actually a champion (correctly labeled in the enemy name). Also, unsure if working as intended, but you can’t enter the cage – you’re immediately kicked out of it if you try.



Various food items are marked as giving “+10” bonus exp, without the % next to it. For the longest time I wondered why I was getting less than 10 exp per kill with those items active. Tooltips are also very inconsistent for this; some will say “+10 Experience from kills”, others “+10% Experience from kill” and others “+10% experiance from kills”. Halloween food says “+15% Experience from Kills”. Caps inconsistencies and typos are in the tooltips themselves.

The food item Bowl of Bean Salad has a wrench marking in its tooltip instead of the apple marking.

Trying to filter for food consumables in the TP only returns some alcohol items.


Autotarget will very often call targets that are out of your line of sight, such as behind a wall or underwater when you’re still on land, in spite of there being visible enemies closer to you.

A lot of support/ally only skills will cause your character to start auto-attacking nearby enemies if you have autotarget on (it’s easy to tell which skills will do this since they have the red bar under them when they’re “out of range”). This also happens when elementalists switch into air attunement (which also has the range marking under it).

Auto-attack will often cancel out for no discernible reason even though the enemy is still targeted.


I already reported this elsewhere but can’t hurt to reiterate: if you try to equip an item while you have the “you are encumbered” message/popup on, you’ll equip, but you’ll lose the item you had equipped previously. It won’t be added back to your bag, it’ll simply vanish. This happens even if you have room in your bag for what you had equipped, and even if you have extra free slots (from selling, storing or destroying other items after becoming encumbered).

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Thank you for the bug reports! Unfortunately, lists of bugs make it difficult to pass along issues to the appropriate parties as noted in our bugging guidelines thread, so please make separate threads for the individual issues you’re reporting.

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