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Regional FlagMy "Food" buff keeps disappearing in FotM !!?Source
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I noticed that my food buffs were disappearing -for no reason- in Fractals. It has happened so many times and was very noticeable but always attributed it to lack of attention and/or losing track of time or something. So, I did a little test to check out what was going on.

I used a food and an oil, both lasting for 30 minutes. After a quick FoTM round that lasted for about 17 minutes , I looked at my buffs and lo and behold, the food was gone, while the oil had about 13 minutes left. I did not die or get downed! What gives?

I know that food should persist through death/downed and map changing (right?), so this is really baffling -.-.

For what reason would food simply vanish? A bug? Some condition I am unaware of?
Also, has anyone else noticed it?

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We’re ware of the problem and working on a solution.