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Regional FlagNew Phantasm Problem with 12/3/12 PatchSource
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With today’s patch the mesmer phantasms have received a new bug.

There is now a 1-2 second delay before a phantasm attacks, if they attack at all. This means in most cases the phantasm will die before it attacks.

Berzerker problems are present.

Anything further? Add to it:

  • Phantasmal Healing was not fixed contrary to the statement that on-phantasm boon traits are fixed. Phantasmal healing is still inconsistent between phantasms, ranging from 10 second pulse on iWarden, to 3 second pulse on iDuellist.
  • iWarlock is also having an issue with their attacks going over and passed a target instead of actually hitting it.
  • signet of illusion is not applying extra health to illusions.
  • BOTH the iWhaler and iMariner attack immediately, seemingly unaffected by the bug.

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I can assure we are looking into it.

The issue regarding the regeneration trait being spotty is that Phantasms don’t apply it to themselves, but in an AoE around them (ignoring themselves). So if you have more than 1 Phantasm close to each other, they’ll apply it to each other (plus you and other nearby allies).