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Regional FlagMistform + Cantrip Mastery still buggedSource
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Would just like confirmation that the devs realize that the interaction of this trait and cantrip is still bugged? Pulling out a stopwatch confirms that Mistform is still on a 75 second cooldown despite having the cooldown reduction trait on.

This bug has been around since release. This bug was supposed to have been fixed in the November 15th update (though all it did was fix the tooltip). This isn’t the only “fix” that wasn’t fixed in the Nov. 15th update, but many of the other ones across classes have been addressed besides this one.

Is it really hard to fix? Or are devs just not aware that this is broken? Surprised that its been about three weeks and this still hasn’t been touched despite several patches (of which include changes to EA and Conjure Weapons)

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Yeah, thanks for this report I put in a fix for this a few minutes ago that will go live as soon as we have a build that pushes content. 12/14 at the latest.