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I’ve tried my hand at crafting exotic weapons with my weaponcrafting 400 and I seem to have found a bug… or a limitation I was unaware of.

I Recently crafted a Valkyrie Pearl Carver. I wanted to post it on the BLTC, but first, to make mine stand out I put a minor rune on it, so mine is now a Valkyrie Pearl Carver of Blood. It still says “Soulbound on Use”, but I can’t post it on the trading post, and I can’t send it via mail.

What is wrong? What can I do?

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If that’s the case it seems like that should be something that should be warned about. It doesn’t say “Soulbound” though, it says “Soulbound on Use”. Since it was a Mesmer that crafted it, it is trash to the character.

I’m sorry this was unclear to you. There is a warning when applying an upgrade that it will make the item Soulbound. Make sure to read these when they pop up! We do take steps to warn players that certain actions will have consequences such as this.