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Regional FlagProblem if I buy gems and give gold 2 frendz?Source
Jason Segel.2908
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For a Christmas present I am going to buy 40 dollars worth of gems and convert to gold to give my 2 buddies who I know in real life. I was planning on mailing them the gold. But I don’t want to look like some kind of gold seller, this is purely a gift to them since I recently got a new job that pays really well for a recent college grad.

Just want to make sure there isn’t any issue with this, thanks.

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I would strongly suggest buying gem cards from a retailer in your area, and giving those to your friends instead. That is a much safer way to give someone a gift than mailing gold, especially since we would not be able to help you if something went wrong (if you accidentally sent the gold to the wrong player, for example).