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I’m not one to complain, but this is actually starting to be somewhat annoying.

No fast-hands fix.

How hard is that to fix?

if (Player.getClass == WARRIOR && Player.hasTrait(FAST_HANDS) == true)

Seriously. If it is any more complex then that, then you’re doing it wrong.

For the Revenge bug, it would be even easier — when the player respawns, remove the buff instead of letting it stay there to kill the player when it removes itself.

Moving on, though — no fix for ANY warrior bugs.

I’m very disappointed.

At this point, I’d actually support scrapping the December event entirely and just receiving a bug-fixes release. Not buffs, not new features, just bug fixes.

Why aren’t bug fixes happening? There seems to be a pretty big disconnect between what players want and want the developers/producers think we want.

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Volley is still not effected by Crack Shot trait. Tooltip says 8s cooldown, but actually its 10s.

TY. I’ll fix this tomorrow for the build on the 14th.