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Regional Flag[Elementalist] Swapping into Air attunement causes character to auto attack nearest mobSource
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This is a bug I started noticing a few days ago.

Whenever I swap from a different attunement into Air Attunement, my character will auto target the nearest mob, neutral or hostile, and use the 1-skill of the previous attunement, followed by the 1-skill of Air Attunement.

I have tested this with all combinations of weapons + off hands, as well as the staff and trident (underwater). This happens with every set.

This also isn’t due to the Electric Discharge minor trait in the Air trait line. I tested with no trait points spent.

When you turn off auto target in the general options and make sure you have no target locked, the problem goes away. However, if you do acquire a target (manually), you character will start attacking once again.

This does not happen while attuning to the other three attunements.

To reproduce:

  1. choose any weapon set
  2. stand within 1-skill range of a mob for that set
  3. have auto-target checked in general options OR manually target the mob
  4. change from Fire/Water/Earth Attunement —> Air Attunement
  5. observe

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Interesting. It looks like the Trait “Electric Discharge” is the cause of this. It causes you to attack your target when attuning to Air if you have it slotted. It still fires off the Auto-Attack functionality because Air Attunement is still being considered as a skill that attacks a target (regardless of actually attacking or not).

I’ll take a look at this tomorrow and see what I can come up with. Sorry that nobody has responded to this bug sooner!


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It doesn’t matter if the trait is equipped or not.