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I. Intoduction and Information
II. General
III. Weapon Skills
IV. Utility Skills
V. Traits
VI. Zone Specific
VII. Bugs To Be Tested/Added

I. Introduction and Information
This thread is specifically about Engineer bugs. Any class suggestions should be taken elsewhere. Please only discuss bugs in this thread. I also strongly recommend discussing bugs on the wiki. Using the wikitteneps the discussion easy to follow. I will keep this forum list updated with the same information on the wiki page.

My goal is to keep the list as accurate as possible and I have gathered bugs from every source I could find. If you cannot reproduce a bug, we can discuss it but I will not add it unless it is something that can be demonstrated consistently.

If you have discovered a new bug and wish to have it added to the list: post in this thread, send me a PM, or discuss it on the wiki.

Note that some of the “bugs” listed here may not be actual bugs. I obviously did not design the game and cannot know the intention of the developers. Until there is clarification, I will continue to list inconsistencies with designs as bugs.

II. General

  • Attributes and Sigils from equipped weapons aren’t applied when a Kit is equipped.
  • Weapon swapping sigils don’t work with kits and are therefore useless for the engineer (even with the weapon in use).
  • Certain skills such as grenade go through destructible object such as the keep wall in WvW.
  • Turrets will target already destroyed objects (carts, weapons racks, cannons, doors, walls, etc)
  • All movement skills with a specific distance (Overcharged Shot, Rocket Boots, Acid Bomb) have a reduced effect when chilled.
  • Kits can be equipped in town clothes. Equipping the kit switches you out of town clothes after a few seconds.
  • Skills sometime get locked in their in use animation on the skill bar (the pulsing over the button) which prevent changing the locked skill even after it’s off cooldown. (using a skill, either the locked one or another, seems to fix it).

III. Weapon Skills

  • Overcharged Shot will occasionally go on recharge without doing anything. This seems to happen when your target moves behind you and you’re immobilized or when your target’s elevation is different than yours (up a steep hill in Forest of Nifhel). This can also happen when the target moves out of range/reach of the attack.


IV. Utility Skills

  • Med Kit cannot be stowed in PvE/WvW. Pressing the heal key simply reloads the kit. It works fine in sPvP.
  • Using Elixir H underwater gives a cooldown to Med Kit when going back on land. If this is to prevent using 2 heals back-to-back, you can still use Bandage Self when you are on land.
  • Using Healing Turret’s overcharge ability gives a cooldown to Med Kit if you switch healing skills or if you use the overcharge ability on land and have Med Kit equipped in water. You can still use 2 heals back-to-back because Med Kit’s main heal is on the tool belt.
  • Healing Turret’s Regeneration heals for 5 health per tick if you only gain Regeneration from the first pulse. Subsequent pulses from the turret apply a Regeneration boon that heals for the proper amount.

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Hello everyone,

For your information, I’ve closed the old thread which was not updated anymore and put this one in sticky.

We really appreciate that you take the time to update this thread and keep it as clear as possible. It helps us a lot to gather the bugs and forward them to the appropriate teams.

Thank you!