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I’m thinking about quitting GW2 atm. I wanted to give some last feedback to Arenanet. This is gonna be a big post, respect to anyone who actually bothers to read it if nobody does then well… I at least tried.

1. sPvP

sPvP has been one big disappointment to me. 5 years of development and all they could come up with is 4 capture point maps? Without even ranking, guild versus guild, spectator mode, or a stat panel at the end of a match? GW1 had the best PvP I ever saw, and the only game I had hope for getting close to that was GW2. That hope got smashed in the first 2 days of release. I did continue to play it for weeks, because friends were playing it, and with them it was at least some fun. (They all quit the game though). But in the end, I hate the 5 man capture point matches. I hate the downed state for sPvP too. It’s required in PvE, but has no place in competitive PvP.

2. WvW

WvW started out as a promising feature. Siege weapons and supply mechanics are pretty cool. 3 faction battles are great, and in that regard they did something right that many games before GW2 did wrong. (I was getting tired of the number imbalance in 2 faction battles, elyos/asmodian, guardian/defiant, sith/jedi etc) However, they made two fundamental flaws in WvW imo. The first is that nothing really matters. No matter what you achieve, even if it’s taking the huge Stonemist Castle in the middle of the Eternal Battlegrounds, 5 minutes later your zerg will be gone and an enemy zerg will arrive and take it back. This makes everything feel like you haven’t really achieved anything. In Aion (just an example), if you took a fortress your side would be happy. The fortress would only be up for taking again a day later. You took the fortress for at least one day, not 5 minutes. Also, every fortress was used to gain access to an instance or a zone, and finally, taking a fortress gave you medals which were needed for gear with PvP defense. Because of these 3 things, people felt like they achieved something, taking a fortress was a big thing. Now in GW2 none of this will ever be implemented, but they could at least add more rewards for defending, so defense actually happens and fortresses aren’t flipped back 5 minutes after they’re taken. Which leads me to the second fundamental flaw: WvW has no significant reward anywhere. Taking even the biggest keep won’t get you anything more than a dynamic event reward, which you could get in 2 mins outside WvW.

3. PvE

PvE is getting boring to me. Regular dungeons are either easy, then people want to run them, or hard and/or long, and then nobody wants to do them. This is simply because the harder paths have no extra reward, and people will always choose the easiest way to their reward. Dungeons also give nothing I personally want and/or need, so I have no reason to play them. General PvE is nearly pointless at the level cap. You are forced to play in Cursed Shore, because every other zone in the game has less good rewards. Arenanet made a huge world, but failed at placing interesting content in that huge world, so GW2 ended up like every other MMO where everyone 90% of the PvE people play instances and the other 10% play in a single max lvl zone. This really disappointed me. Why every game developer seems to think that instances are the only way for end game MMO content, I’ll never understand. This leaves one aspect of PvE undiscussed: fractals. Ignoring the fact that it’s again an instance, I think they set a step in the right direction with fractal mechanics and difficulty. However, yesterday I asked myself: would you keep playing GW2 just for fractals? The answer came quickly to me: absolutely not. RNG and bad luck made me quit a few other MMOs. GW2 didn’t learn from this and made the most important drop currently available (ascended ring) an RNG dependent drop from a single boss in fractals. This alone is enough reason for a lot of people not to bother with them, and I’ve already seen some frustrated players in game who couldn’t progress further because they didn’t get their drop yet.

All these problems would still be fine, if the overall gameplay would be very fun and interesting. To me, it couldn’t have been further from that. Main issues:

4. Builds

With GW2, Arenanet chose to give players a small skillbar, like GW1 rather than other MMOs, but then they removed the customizability that GW1 had. This results in boring, always-the-same builds, and boring gameplay. When I play GW2 I am 90% of the time using skill 1. I’m pretty sure I could do any content in the game by using only skill 1, heal and dodge. How Arenanet thought that was good game design, I will never understand. I found GW1’s skill system the best, but I would still prefer a generic 100 button MMO skill system over GW2’s .

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Hello Veldan,
thanks for your feedback and also thanks to everybody else for commenting on it. As it happens to any other feedback thread, this one will be locked.
Thanks for understanding.