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I seriously wonder who the heck did you hire to work on your game A-Net. I loved GW1, it was the best mmo I’ve played (ok I know technically it’s not even an mmo, but I played it like one and I therefore I call it a mmo. Simple logic.). I only bought GW2 because of its predecessor. And now i feel utterly disappointed. I know alot of changes had to be made since GW2 is all in all different game, however dumbing down core mechanics that made previous game great is a stupid thing to do.
And if that wasn’t enough, you come up with ideas that are the opposite of what many people used to love.
This thread is sort of a warning for you from ME (yes, I don’t even try to usurp right to speak for others, however if you agree with any point of this long thread, please post a comment). If you continue to follow this path I’ll simply quit, as this is not exactly how I expected this game to be.

First of all I’d like to address ascended gear. I don’t like the whole idea for very simple reason. Ascended items introduce even more FIXED stats. As you probably know stats are important, as you can’t run certain builds efficiently without proper stats.
Acquiring ascended gear is a very long process. You don’t expect people to grind for several sets, just to be able to run few different builds, do you?
You might say nobody is forced to grind as Ascended items makes little difference in terms of stats, so you can as well use exotics, but then again where is the point in this so-called progression?

Relative simplicity of acquiring exotics is important thing in build making. I was hoping you will eventually introduce new skills into the game, as in current state, there is barely anything to choose from.
Now however, it will not make much difference once ascended stuff is fully implemented into the game.

Another thing also regarding ascended stuff is transmutation system. It’s already bad, but it’s about tog et even worse.
Do you expect people to transmute their ascended gear?

I also have to complain there is barely anything to do in the game for me.
I like outfitting, however I don’t like dungeons. Unfortunately alot of the armors are only obtainable through dungeons. I got myself full set of ascalonian armor and you don’t want to hear my opinion on this whole process. Bear in mind AC is relatively simple dungeon.
Exploration is fun, however it ends quite fast.
So maybe achievments?
Umm, nope. The problem is there’s not much point or reward in them. In one of the interviews or articles I’ve seen you said titles gonna be bette than in Guild Wars 1, however this turned out to be yet another undelivered promise. I haven’t seen anyone who would care much about them.
The last thing I can think of are legendary weapons.
Thats probably the best thing to do, however once they get stat upgrade (or did they already?), it will feel more like something compulsory rather than completely I-want-to-have-it-just-because-its-shiny or I-want-to-have-it-cuz-I-like-noobs-running-around-me.

You tried to develop a game without grind, however it’s not what people want.
Whats in my opinion crucial for you to realise is that grind isn’t bad (by grind I generally mean things that require alot of time and effort. Such things usually mean getting alot of something, and as long as there may be multiple ways to do it, there are still not enough of them to make the action diverse. Whats more you usually discover 1 way thats more effective than others and you usually follow it). Grind can actually be quite fun. However it must be fully OPTIONAL. If you force it upon players, it stops to be fun. Even giving multiple ways to achieve the final goal isn’t in my opinion going to improve much. It’s still grind you have to do if you want to enjoy certain portions of the game.

To sum up: try to figure out what was so great about GW1. Then think what kind of players you want to play your game. You will not be able to please everyone.
I assure you that some people will stay with your game longer than others. Those others prefer other game, and some of the actions you take to draw their attention might bring them back, but only for a short while. On the other hand though, you piss your most loyal playerbase who are with you for years.

Like I said at the very beggining of this long thread, I am only speaking for myself. I do like Guild Wars and I don’t really want to quit. I had high hopes for the game and seeing as it goes quite the opposite way makes me sad. Thats why I post it thread. It’s the only way to let A-net know what is my opinion.

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Hello Smelly Bookah,
your feedback is appreciated. However, as it is normal procedure, the thread will be locked.
Thanks for understanding.